Dirtcheap Startup Provides Value and Productivity Hacks for tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs

Dirtcheap Startup is a new source of information for tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs and today’s business owners. I was fortunate to appear on the Podcast. Owned by Eric Cozart, Dirtcheap Startup has a mission; to help people like you start and run their business for free, or with as little outlay as possible. Now, this may seem…

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Personality Business? The Power of Being an Amplified Expert

Behind every business is a personality. It may be one person or a “gaggle” of people that make up that business. What they, and we, all have in common is that we strive to make the impact that we really want on those we are destined to serve. Cue David Jehlen and the phrase “Live Amplified”.  The necessity…

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Focus On What Contributes To The Outcome

Focus On What Contributes To The Outcome

Business, sales and marketing decisions are fueled by focusing on what contributes to the outcome. I have to say the start of Spring is welcome. Now, I don’t want to cast any curses by saying that I believe it is now here and here to stay. One of the reasons I love this time of…

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Small Business Sales and Marketing: The Prospecting Mix

How To Sell More Services: The Prospecting Mix

To be successful in sales and marketing we have to become a mixlologist. Yes, just like the people that shake and make our cocktails we have to try different mediums to encourage interactions on our quest to selling more services. In an age where there are more options for communication than ever before and every…

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Highrise CRM For Sale; What We Need To Know

37 Signals (the company behind Highrise CRM) announced on February 5th that they are making changes. They are re-branding to Basecamp and either selling Highrise CRM or taking it off the market to new customers. You can see the 37 Signals press release here. Either way, I would be wary if I was a Highrise…

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Small Business DIY

The Price of Convenience – Small Business Productivity ‘DIY’ Challenges

You’re smart. You either run your own business, are thinking about it or are striving for greatness as part of a small team. You didn’t get to where you are with about looking at problems and thinking about solutions. Does that oftentimes result in you doing it yourself? Probably. Why? Because, in general, you can…

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Small Business Expenses

5 Expenses To Think About In Your Small Business or Start-Up

Most people will tell you to ‘boot strap’ and to not spend a dime! Other people will tell you to cut costs. Some, will attempt to encourage you to spend. What’s right? For small businesses, entrepreneurs and any organization with an eye on growth, there is a need to spend some money. To invest. It’s…

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The Truth About Email Subscribers (and how to overcome it)

The truth hurts. A lot. Sometimes it dents our confidence. Oftentimes, it should help catapult us to a better place. The truth about email subscribers is that they are notoriously fickle. What does this mean? That it is likely you will see people unsubscribe, even if you know they are an ideal prospect. Even if…

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Content Marketing: How To Compete With Other Companies Sharing The ‘Same’ Information

The challenge with content marketing is that other people, other businesses are sharing the information, for free, that you want your customers to buy from you. Call it expert creep. Call it what you will. It’s a fact. If you think I’m wrong, go, search the interwebs for a specific topic that you are looking…

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Information Society

Small Business Marketing: Being Competitive In An Information Society

We live and work in an information society. A world where ‘Content is King’. A world of oversupply that is riddled with competitor attack. A society where choice is endless. What does this mean? What are the implications? How do we get a foothold and the attention of those that we are meant to serve?…

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