Highrise CRM For Sale; What We Need To Know

logo-37signals-small37 Signals (the company behind Highrise CRM) announced on February 5th that they are making changes. They are re-branding to Basecamp and either selling Highrise CRM or taking it off the market to new customers.

You can see the 37 Signals press release here.

Either way, I would be wary if I was a Highrise CRM user.

For the record, I have great respect for Jason Fried and the people at 37 Signals. Basecamp is a solid project management solution and the book Rework is a great insight into the Entrepreneur journey how to build a successful business. So, the announcement reflects a calculated decision that they believe is in the interests to their business and customers.

What if they sell Highrise CRM?

Highrise CRM is positioned interestingly in a competitive, if not saturated, market. The reason I say “interesting”, is that the price point with the features and benefits is competitive but there are alternatives that either offer more at a similar price or the same at a lower price point.

If they sell, there is an extreme possibility that the new owners will make changes to either the pricing structure and/or the service. It is even a possibility that another CRM service provider will buy the company and migrate users over to their platform.

What we know is that Jason Fried and the team will make this decision with the users interests at heart.

Jason Fried was quoted in Inc. saying:

We’re already in negotiations with a few parties for Highrise, our small-business CRM tool. But if we can’t find the right fit elsewhere, we’re committing to maintaining our other products as long as we’re in business.

This is where he alludes they will keep the solution under their umbrella.

What if Highrise CRM is not sold

To be honest, who knows. At this time, it is clear the focus will be on Basecamp and all research and development will be put in to that. He said they’re not taking on any new customers and it is likely that resources supporting the CRM will diminish over time if not cease all together.

It is common for companies to stop supporting older, or ‘forgotten’ products/services. Let’s be honest.

Some final thoughts about the changes to Highrise CRM

CRM is business critical, in an ever evolving world. Salesforce.com roll out new and updated versions 3 times a year of their solution to maintain innovation and improve the customer experience. Zoho make updates continually based on customer feedback and changes to other the sales, marketing and related software industries.

Can you be confident in using a solution that is likely to not be supported or developed?

I would say no.

As you may or not know, I run Alderbest Solutions a CRM and marketing services provider. We have offered services to Highrise CRM users and evaluated the option for adoption in Solution Review sessions. For now, it’s not an option for new customers to adopt, we wouldn’t be confident in supporting existing users and we would encourage existing users to evaluate whether any changes they want to make to their Highrise CRM are worthwhile or if they are better evaluating other solutions.

If you are a Highrise CRM user and have questions or are not sure what to do after hearing the news, I will personally answer any questions as best I can, in an unbiased way. You can contact me here

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