Personality Business? The Power of Being an Amplified Expert

Behind every business is a personality. It may be one person or a “gaggle” of people that make up that business. What they, and we, all have in common is that we strive to make the impact that we really want on those we are destined to serve.

The Amplified Expert PodcastCue David Jehlen and the phrase “Live Amplified”. 

The necessity to be self-expressed is oftentimes over looked. You may be one person in a corporate army that has client or public facing activity. You may be the one person running and operating the business, either way you have an opportunity to create the impact you really want and to help your business earn a unique voice.

David is empowering people, like you, to lead their business and their life “Loud and Clear” in his Amplified Expert Podcast

Personally, I think this is something everyone needs to think about and it’s a show worth listening too.

What Good Comes From Being An Amplified Expert?

I was honored to be a guest on David’s coveted Amplified Expert Podcast and when talking with him before we recorded I thought a few things through. In fact I got a greater perspective on something.

At the end of the day a business is a reflection of the person/people behind it. It’s their personality that shines through in the brand, the marketing, the delivery and other facets of the operation.

So what good can come from being an Amplified Expert?

The people you are meant to serve feel comfortable about doing business with you. Essentially, a self-expressed, amplified expert, will be happier in their work and probably see greater success that someone who isn’t. 

At the end of the day, people buy from people. (Yes, that is still very much true.) Think about some of the products and services you buy and from all sides of the spectrum from celebrity product endorsements to the local shop owner. 

Personally I have travelled further than needed to get a coffee because the shop owner is someone I identify more with than the other. I have also donned more bad haircuts than I would have liked because I like the hairdresser known as “Edwina Scissor Hands” more than the more highly qualified stylist next door.

It’s just life.

How To Be An Amplified Expert

New York Times best selling author Michael Port (also a guest on the Amplified Expert Podcast) attributes it partially to branding:

Michael-Port-Quote-image (1)

If you want to know more, I recommend listening to the show.

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