The Price of Convenience – Small Business Productivity ‘DIY’ Challenges

You’re smart. You either run your own business, are thinking about it or are striving for greatness as part of a small team. You didn’t get to where you are with about looking at problems and thinking about solutions. Does that oftentimes result in you doing it yourself? Probably. Why? Because, in general, you can find the answers to your small business challenges easily.

Jelly, the new Social Media network from Twitter Co-Founder Biz Stone, was built on the premise that someone, somewhere, has the answer to your question and, through the power of people’s extended networks, you will have that answer quickly.

It’s convenience, right? The convenience we are seeing from the internet, and those who are happy to share their knowledge on various sites, blogs and more.

With any small business challenge, in any business area (Marketing, Sales, Finance, IT, Technology, HR, Management etc.), we can consult the interwebs and, boom, there’s the answer. If, for some reason, the answer is not readily available as it is lost in the ether, then, boom (I like that word!), ask the question on a forum and you are sure to get a response.

Money saved. Small business challenge over come and the world can move on.

There is, however, a price. There always is. And, the price is oftentimes greater than expected.

Before you take on a small business DIY project, you have to ask yourself;

  • What are the potential repercussions?
  • How much is my time worth?
  • Do I really want to bother with educating myself in this?

Small Business Productivity – One Thing Leads To Another

Have you ever had that ‘snow ball’ feeling? Where something seems relatively simple, and then spirals into a snow ball that rapidly becomes out of control?

Admittedly, I was guilty of small business DIY. I took on making some seemingly simple changes to my website. I knew what my goal was, found a couple of articles that provided the code. Made the changes and sat back thinking, that was easy. Sure enough, within no-time at all I found myself going back to the internet to research follow up solutions to help the fact that I had ‘blown up’ my website.

Not clever.

Do you think this was productive?


It is easy to do things yourself. It is also easy to mess things up to a degree that ends up potentially hurting your business and costing more than the original fix might have.

At the time of writing it’s Tax season. Everywhere we look we are told that it is so simple to ‘DIY’ that many people do. Then, one company in particular is telling us that $x billion are left on the table each year by people who do it themselves. It costs time to DIY, it costs you extra money if you don’t do it correctly. Do you think there is a possibility that the amount a professional could save on your return would outweigh their fee?

Small Business Productivity In Sales, Marketing & Technology

This is my wheelhouse. I know you can go to the internet and find a wealth of small business owners seeking advice for these areas. These are three areas that your business and your business environment is unique. Seldom does something that works for someone  work for everybody else.

You can spend too much time on thinking, researching and trying when it would be far more productive AND cost effective to talk to a professional.

‘Tinkering’ can decrease small business productivity. 

If you do want to be the DIY person. That is more than OK. Do it with purpose, drive and become as informed as much as possible so that you can take on the burden of any potential challenges that arise from that point on. In particular, pay attention to technology, like CRM. It’s a hot topic, the information is there and it seems easy enough to DIY. As with all business areas, at least consult a professional first to know the potential implications you could be faced with. The consultancy fee could save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

If you’re seeking professional advice in any business area before a ‘DIY project’ feel free to connect with me on Twitter and I’ll gladly introduce you someone I trust who can help or will point you in the right direction.

CRM Education?

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