How To Sell More Services: The Prospecting Mix

Small Business Sales and Marketing: The Prospecting Mix

Small Business Sales and Marketing: The Prospecting Mix

To be successful in sales and marketing we have to become a mixlologist. Yes, just like the people that shake and make our cocktails we have to try different mediums to encourage interactions on our quest to selling more services.

In an age where there are more options for communication than ever before and every interaction is being tracked through CRM we have no excuse for guiding our prospects through the sales cycle and maximizing interactions.

We have to ‘season’ our approach to the ‘taste’ of our prospects and clients. 

Like a good cocktail, or recipe, sometimes there is a winning formula that dazzles the business taste buds and senses of those we are interacting with. 

Sometimes, we just have to mix it up to help drive the conversation.

What The Prospecting Mix Isn’t

Over the years I’ve been subject to all different types of prospecting. I’ve also see first hand the efforts of some of my colleagues come undone.

The Prospecting Mix isn’t taking one course of action and being relentless until you get some kind of response.

I’ve seen it over and over again. The prospecter making countless phone calls without ever leaving a message or (Do you think that they don’t know you called?) sending email after email without any purpose, question, guidance or value.

What ever the approach, they are all devoid of a plan.

Picture this, you have a proposal out with a prospect. Your standard approach (the recipe that oftentimes dazzles) is:

– Email Proposal > Phone to confirm receipt and answer questions > Phone to discuss potential next steps.

However, with one or more prospects the 2nd phone call never happens. You try and keep trying in vain until you’re left wandering what to do next. 

Have you ever had a stalled opportunity? Does this sound familiar?

I’m sure it does.

What Is The Prospecting Mix

We have a plethora of options available to us today. We are blessed with the opportunity to dazzle our prospects taste buds AND maximize our productivity.

Some of these options include:

  • Email
  • Sending Thought Leadership pieces
  • Phone
  • Voice Mail
  • Social Media
  • Direct Mail
  • Coaching contacts (There’s always someone who can help you understand your prospects behavior.)
Use them.
If you’re not getting a response and your standard recipe isn’t working. Don your apron and put your mixology skills to the test.
A cast in point – I signed up for a ‘free quote’ for a home service the other week. Did I get the quote, no. Have I received at least one email a day since registering offering a promotion or requesting a call? Yes.
Have I opened an email after the first week. No. 
Do I sound like a stalled prospect? Yes.
What would be a good idea for the sales rep? To try and engage with me through at least one other medium. 
Don’t be ‘that guy’. Be the person who respects the prospect and tries to communicate with them. 
Better yet, be the person who tracks their interactions through their CRM and leverages the data at their disposal to help increase chances of success.
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