Builders, Interior Designers And Making Things Easier

I’ve been rekindling my love for herbal tea recently.

Being British I sometimes have to succumb to the stereotype that ‘we’ don’t just like tea. We love it.

It’s true.

Give me a biscuit and a warm cuppa and life is good.

Do you know who else likes tea? Contractors, builders…the lot.

Contractors are fun. For a while I spent time with a lot of contractors. Some days I think I drank enough cups of tea to make Sir Francis Drake smile!

Have you ever hired contractors for a project? It’s a pain. It’s extremely hard work to get a project completed on time, on budget and with all your hair still on your head.

The process normally goes something like this:

  1. You meet with the boss to discuss the plans.
  2. They say ‘no problem’ or something to that affect.
  3. You meet them on site, give them the keys to the castle and leave them to do the work while you go about your day.
  4. You come home and find out that there were unexpected problems and the new kitchen you were hoping for as ended up in the living room instead of well, the kitchen. (OK, a bit extreme!)
  5. You pull out your hair and start all over again.

That’s when the interior designer comes in handy. They’re the intermediary that acts on your interests and manages the contractors.

Industry expertise is essential in project management. Unbiased, results driven expertise is essential in project management.

Would you hire an interior designer or project manager to oversee your home improvements if they could:

  • A) Help save your sanity?
  • B) Help you reach your objectives on time and on budget?
  • C) Save you money in the long run?

Even if your answer is not a resounding ‘YES’, do you see there is a possibility that hiring someone could be beneficial?

It’s the same with your business. It’s the same with your sales and marketing.

Sales and marketing is either the ongoing activity or a campaign to help you reach your goals and objectives. Either way, there will be projects that need to be set-up and executed to ensure you see success from your efforts.

There are three things you can do to help the successful completion of projects:

  1. Have a project plan and framework to follow – this expedites the development process and means you are less likely to miss things.
  2. Use a project planning tool – yes, I love technology. There are plenty of free or cost effective tools to use for project management and team collaboration purposes.
  3. Consult the internet – research and find the best free ‘how to documents’ for both setting up your project and implementing it.
  4. Hire a specialist – yes, there are plenty of people that can help you in minutes with the above points and help you through the implementation phase.

If you’ve had any successes hiring a firm for specific sales and marketing tasks, tell us in the comments. It’ll help the conversation.

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