Content Marketing: How To Compete With Other Companies Sharing The ‘Same’ Information

black-moustache-clipartThe challenge with content marketing is that other people, other businesses are sharing the information, for free, that you want your customers to buy from you.

Call it expert creep.

Call it what you will.

It’s a fact.

If you think I’m wrong, go, search the interwebs for a specific topic that you are looking for help in. Tell me that you are unable to find a video, a blog post, an e-guide, a free series/kit or likewise that will help you find answers to some, if not all of your questions.

This is great. For solving your challenges.

This isn’t so great when you are looking to attract, engage and convert customers of your own.

The premise of content marketing is to either 1) Share ‘teasers’ of information around your product/service to encourage prospective customers to take the ‘next’ step OR 2) Give prospects exactly what they need in supporting areas for your work so they have a need to take the next step with you.

Either way, when you need something, when you want something, it is available and, most of the time, for free (or at the least it will cost you your email address).

For example:

World of Over Supply

A website designer. For their content marketing, a website designer, may offer information on SEO, Blogging, Marketing and more. This is because it’s supporting their expert claim and helping their audience get ‘more’ from the websites that they want to build.

On the converse, a SEO company may create and share content about developing a website.

Should either party be deterred by the efforts of the other? Should either party stop what they are doing?



Because, there is plenty of room for you and your business to help your audience get what they want. 

To stand out.

To be front of mind.

To respond to triggers and events to attempt to get to the next step.

To leverage you current customers and/or network to earn trust and leverage credibility.

How To Overcome This Content Marketing Challenge

There’s a reason I used a mustache as the lead image for this post.

November, is rapidly becoming Small Business Month. American Express, InfusionSoft and many more, have initiatives in place to help small businesses see greater success.

It is also a month for family, preparation (professionally and personally with pending holidays), remembrance and more. In recent years, Movember (the initiative for men to grow mustaches for charity) has taken off.

We shouldn’t need initiatives or holidays to celebrate important things in business and in life. But, it helps.

In the same light, we shouldn’t need to scramble through the noise to have our content consumed. But, competing with companies in the same space, others creating content about what we do and unrelated ‘stuff’ all together helps.

How? Because we are afforded an opportunity:

  • To compete with anyone
  • To be self expressed
  • To illustrate that we know what are audience wants (as opposed to needs) and give it to them.

Dollar Shave Club leveraged a $4,500 video to earn over $12,000 recurring monthly revenue, going head to head with the likes of Gillette, in 2 days.

The video:

Once you’re done watching (and smiling), you’ll notice they weren’t selling a razor blade. They are selling an experience.

You can do the same in your content. Whether it’s a promotional piece of content or information based content (e.g. an e-book), share that you know what your audience is wanting and deliver it in a way that is unique to you AND your business.

This is how you can overcome the challenge of other companies sharing information related to your product or service.

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