How To Be Unique; It Starts With You

You probably either respect your competitors or b*oody despise them.


(It’s OK, I wont tell anyone what you said.)

I get asked all the time; “So, what makes you different from person x?”.

The answer I give generally is; “Absolutely nothing…except for me”.

There are always differences I could point out, but they are in material features or facts that have no bearing to the conversation and, more importantly, mean absolutely nothing to the person I’m speaking with.

Think about it, what are they really asking? They’re asking to understand who you are as an individual or as a collective in a company. Businesses are made up of the people that work in them after all.

Every traditional marketing course will have you establish your unique differentiators through exercises involving the marketing mix. While this isn’t wrong, it’s not going to help you become self-expressed OR leverage the real difference, which is your story.  The story that makes you the pinnacle of greatness in your world and is truly unique to you.

Ash over at the TMF Project (warning, she has a bit of a mouth on her…but that’s why we love her!) summarizes it perfectly.

“The new challenge isn’t to be unique.

It’s to let people see the real you, in a unique way.” 

This is copy-proof.

You know this. Why? How? Because you’re clever and you have a great BS detector. You can see through people’s superficial states trying to make you feel that they are all they claim to be.

I often see ‘competitors’ (yes, the inverted commas are there for a reason) advertise themselves, their lifestyle businesses and their successes and call BS. A couple of clicks through their website or social profiles often reveals the true them.

The same goes for any business in any industry.

Why not just be content with who you really are and be proud.

The number on key tip for being unique is to be distinct by being yourself. By being bold. By being self-expressed.

So, how do you be unique? 

You do just exactly what your gut tells you. Don’t be something or someone to conform. Yuck! People, your audience, your prospective clients will either like you, or they won’t. Guess what, they’ll respect you for being yourself either way.

Which is a BIG win!

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