SBS – Trade Show Marketing Strategies (Robyn Davis)

Sometimes, great advice is hard to find.

Sometimes, it can be as easy as 123 (or coming to this site!).

Why? I had the pleasure of catching up with my friend and Trade Show expert Robyn Davis. Really, it’s not often you can get so many resources and so much insight in one place.

As she says, “Trade Shows aren’t rocket science, if they were I have you covered”. And, she does. She proved it in our conversation.

You can hear the 30 minute interview here

Trade Show attendance is rising across the board and Robyn shares a lot of her best advice about:

  1. How to decide what capacity to go to a Trade Show in (If you thought it was just exhibiting or attending you are wrong)
  2. The 5 steps to successful trade show marketing strategies

Download the MP3 file here, with no opt-in

Want to know more about Robyn?

How To Trade Show, Robyn Davis

How To Trade Show, Robyn Davis

Robyn Davis spends her 24/7 helping exhibitors improve their results by focusing their efforts on the right sales and marketing strategies.  She was recently named to the SMB 150 list (recognizing the top 150 small and medium business professionals who are influential in the IT channel/technology space) and nominated for the “20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management” in 2012.

You can get free resources on Trade Shows on (I highly recommend subscribing for her updates)

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