Why Your Definition Of A Lead Is Limiting Your Success

My latest post on Business 2 Community delves into the definition of a lead AND why that is important in your business growth. You can read more here

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Lead Generation: 5 Common Mistakes

I was having coffee with a client yesterday and part of the conversation was about the Consumer Electronics Show  and all the fancy, productivity enhancing, stuff that would be on the market soon. A lot of the conversation looked like this: “If I had ‘that’ then ‘this’ would be SO much easier” “That is the coolest ‘thing’…

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The Importance of Face Time – Don’t let this virtual world fool you!

When you see this Painting what do you see? I see someone hiding, with the fruit symbolizing something of comfort. Internet driven sales and marketing is moving us towards less interaction with prospects. This means the actual face time we are getting is becoming less and less. Face time  is recognized as any direct contact with…

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