Do I Need A Cold Calling Script? (Thoughts on what to say to prospects and clients)

“Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.” – Bruce Lee

With that said, the answer is no, you do not need a cold calling script. What your business does need is a framework to follow to ensure the most is made from every prospect or client interaction.

A cold calling script leads to monotony and is unnatural. A guide can help drive conversation and sales. Click to tweet this

Disclaimer; There are more ways to generate leads, that are often more effective, than cold calling.

HOWEVER, in terms of expediting the lead generation process, maximizing productivity AND producing a system that is easily repeatable and scalable, cold calling is a valuable activity to invest in.

First, if you are unsure if you need a cold calling guide you should ask yourself what you want the outcome of each call to be. Is it something that would be perceived valuable to both parties?

I think it is. Right?

If so you need to work out the optimal way of getting from where you are now (not having introduced this valuable concept to the person/business in question) to achieving it.

For that, a guide is going to be useful. It acts like a check list that gets the information you want AND gives the listener what they need to make an informed decision.

If you believe in the ‘hook line and sinker’ close, the ‘get what you want at all costs’ close or the ‘pull the wool over their eyes’ close, then stop reading.

And, maybe think about a career change!

Elements of a guide can be scripted, don’t get me wrong. The reason being there are things that you will want to say that help build credibility, illustrate expert status and reflect company branding/messaging.

The very nature of a cold call is to have a conversation with a business to build a, or upon an existing, relationship and identify a need. Click to tweet this

Here is a proven framework to base your businesses cold calling guide around:

  1. Opening – Establish a strong introduction and ask if for permission to continue
  2. Common Ground – indicate why you are calling and what research, or other colleague/associate conversations you have conducted. There will be something that will help take the ‘cold’ out of cold calling.
  3. Credibility – Illustrate why the conversation should continue
  4. Qualification – Qualify the person AND business to validate continuing
  5. Purpose – Indicate the desired call to action
  6. Rationale – Give additional reason for them wanting to take the call to action
  7. Repeat – Repeat the benefits of taking the call to action based on what you have learned from the conversation
  8. Close – Establish next steps

Unfortunately this list doesn’t make a pretty acronym. Not everything in life, in business, is that convenient. What is pretty is the improvements you will see if you apply this to your cold calling activity.

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Let me know, what stumbling blocks do you have in your cold calling?

Is it the actual call itself? Or is it developing the process for colleagues and team members?





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