Dirtcheap Startup Provides Value and Productivity Hacks for tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs

Dirtcheap Startup is a new source of information for tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs and today’s business owners. I was fortunate to appear on the Podcast.

Owned by Eric Cozart, Dirtcheap Startup has a mission; to help people like you start and run their business for free, or with as little outlay as possible. Now, this may seem Utopian. It’s not. Eric has been in business for a long time and, here’s a secret. He has launched Dirtcheap Startup implementing his  theories. He has essentially got to where he is right now without spending hardly anything!

I wish I had access to Dirtcheap Startup when I launched Alderbest Solutions. They provide business guides, a podcast and a mastermind group. All for free!!

In the podcast episode I was the guest we spoke at length about free CRM solutions and how Customer Relationship Management is a powerful strategy to implement in your business to help drive growth.

From the show notes, Eric said:

This is one of many educational episodes we will do. We plan on talking about a lot of aspects around business. Tools you can use, tactics, strategies and the nuts and bolts of different business types. Today we are focusing on a tool. Specifically a “CRM” or Customer Relationship Management system.

Managing and developing your customers is a KEY to success. Clients are 74% more likely to buy more from you than a prospect. The easier you can manage them, the faster you will grow. A CRM is a great tool to automate this, get rid of note cards, post-its and a Rolodex.

Many more tools are jam packed into these systems so Michael really boils it down for us in plain English. If you want to learn about CRM this show is for you. Michael talks about customer development in general, and dispels some price myths!

Have a listen to the show and check out the resources available on Dirtcheapstartup.com!

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